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Company Profile

Xingtai Vegetable Seeds Co.,Ltd. is the main unit of Chinese cabbage seeds production, with a stable seed breeding production base of 5000 Mu. Company covers an area of 4000 square meters, of which office and processing space account for 1000 square meters. The storage area is nearly 1000 square meters, and the low temperature constant temperature storage area is 400 square meters. The beautiful garden-style environment also creates conditions for employees to produce meticulously and work hard.

Over the 30 years, our company has introduced a lot of national scientific and technological achievements and foreign germplasm resources, and played an active role in the development of our own varieties. The sales of cabbage seeds accounted for one-third of the national sales volume for many years. Some products are also exported to Southeast Asian countries, Russia and Taiwan.

"Xingshen" seeds are recognized by the majority of distributors and farmers as a famous brand product. Our company has been rated as a "Following Contract, Enhancing on Honesty" unit at the provincial and municipal level for many times, which has won the praise of numerous distributors and farmers in the country!

In recent years, while continuously improving infrastructure construction, our company has also increased investment in talent introduction, technology renewal and new varieties cultivation. Our company has 26 technicians at all levels. A 34000 square meters original seed breeding field lays a solid foundation for the production of high quality and excellent seeds.

Honesty, faithful managment, and meticulous production is the tenet of Xingtai Vegetable Seeds Co.,Ltd. for many years. In the future, we will pay more attention to product quality, strengthen enterprise management, improve after-sales service, to create an excellent purchase and use environment, and win a broader market!